With loads of excitement, we were buckled up for the new year party 2019.Drove all the way to Michigan to a friend’s place and headed to Ohio(10 hrs) with a big gang of friends around 30 people.Food,disco,drama,games and what not!!!something is not letting me to enjoy and it’s not me. Who would miss any party and I am No different still…

After two days,its time to return back to our happy nest..return trip was not smooth got to take too many breaks like a nagging kid.felt detached,fatigue,disinterested etc .,

Something popped in my mind and urged for a pregnancy kit to check the status.Surprise!!and it’s positive.Hurray!!!dots connected and could relate well as why I was behind the lane at the party with friends.

Doctor confirmed,happy start, Symptoms peaked,ended as I was towards the end of 1 st trimester.

One fresh morning,while enjoying lukewarm bath noticed blood oozing completely shaken with the incident and I couldn’t believe to what I witnessed.Called my husband rushed to the hospital. can you imagine those minutes in the car as what could be this resulting to?after an ultrasound,it’s detected that I have an uncommon pregnancy condition called placenta previa. sounded like a medical jargon for me cuz I am not from a medical background.

What is this condition?do you die out if it? definitely Not!! Will something bad happen to the baby? should not and mostly no? Then,What would happen?you could bleed anytime anywhere anymuch with no symptoms.very weird.

First Day Jitters

Starting preschool is a big milestone with mixed emotions for the little heart and the Big day has come for my kid too. This is his first experience to stay away from me. We all were excited to face the unfamiliar territory.

Venturing into the new World without us would surely make them feel very sad but it is a required transition at this age. Sending to preschool is a bittersweet event. Every moment I kept thinking about him but, at the same time tried to stay positive and strong by saying “Things happening new would do good and bring some changes”

It is good to provide some knowledge about preschool for kids who go to school for the first time. I had some ideas in my mind to make him familiarize about the concept of school and bus.So,a week before the school starts, I followed the below.Hope, these tips would be helpful for your kids too.

Meet the teacher It is beneficial to take your kid for the open house program which happens before the school opens. This will make them familiar to the school environment, teacher, peers, classroom etc.  We took our kid for a classroom tour to show him the toys, restroom, water and made him play for some time. He was happy to see favorite toys like trucks, trains, fire engines. We had a discussion with the teacher about his likes/dislikes.

Stories about preschool/Bus

Spend time in reading stories about preschool or play some of the school bus rhymes.

We bought a school bus and narrated a story. He found the story very interesting and every day he asked for the same. The story is all about riding school bus, what happens at school, teacher, classroom, pickup and drop.    Kids need some reassurance that everything go well. When they understand this concept, separation,  anxiety, stress, tantrums might get reduced to some extent.


Shopping Involve your kid in purchasing school supplies. As my child is very choosy in everything we left him to his choice in picking up backpack, dresses, shoes, socks, pouch, crayons, few toys etc., Finally,he was satisfied with a Thomas School bag.This might give them a sense of control emphasizing that he is a ‘big Kid’ starting preschool. Every time he kept asking if he is a big boy and that’s the reason why he is going to school and that’s why he is asked to choose all his school stuff.

Establish routines; Practice wake up time, nap and bed time days before days It is very important to have enough food and sleep. According to the school timings, try to change their schedule.

Visualize the Day Thinking about what might come next will help kids to feel empowered and less likely to get upset. Talk about what the preschool would be like,how they get to school,come back home,what they play with teachers and friends

Big Day

Arrive early : This settles down the kid before the real action starts. Every day we take our kid near the bus stop at least 15 min earlier.

Carry comfort object : Putting in some favourite toys like cars, teddy etc could make them feel comfort.

Put on a happy face: Anxiety may be eating you inside but don’t let out because Kids are smart enough to find out our emotions. So, stay confident and have an upbeat tone. I skip my breakfast every day and this shows my anxiety level. So, I act a lot everyday

Keep Good-Byes Short and sweet: Don’t linger, hold on the emotions when it is the time to exit, reassure that you will be back after school and bid a Good-Bye.


Don’t over prepare. They might lose interest and fun.

Don’t be harsh. Let them bring out their emotions.

Don’t linger. The longer you stay, the harder it is.

Don’t make special Days – Even the first day.

Don’t keep talking about school all the time.


Try to familiarize the kid with few English basic words.Eg.water, restroom,teacher.

Make them learn how to use restroom and ask for water

Let the teacher know about language constraints,likes and dislikes

Let them choose their dress

Promise for a new toy after successful completion of a week.


Wishing all the very best for all your little preschoolers:)










Explore the World

Miami-The Beach is extremely gorgeous with its clear,azure blue water and white sand.To get instantly happy,one should take a walk along the ocean drive. Doesn’t matter how deep you go into the water but you can still see your legs drenched in blue and surrounded by white sands.Miami is damn young and vibrant.Its architecture is really amazing.When you stroll down the streets, you can find purple,pink,yellow,blue and other bright shades of walls flowing into fanciful shapes will make you a kid once again.

Miami (23)


Miami is divided into two sections roughly north and south beach.South beach is mobbed with tourists,trendy,nightlife and noisy ,whereas North beach is more of residential,calm and peaceful.It is usually warm year-round but the best time to visit Miami is in between March -May.Anyway,we visited Miami in the month of June and luckily because of the storm ‘Colin’ we could enjoy the pleasant weather a bit for a day.The rest 1.5 days are not so bad. To beat the heat always carry hats,Sunshades,Beach sunscreens,enough water and umbrella if possible.These becomes mandatory when we travel with kids.

How to reach
Best way to reach Miami is, to drive from Orlando/Tampa which is 250 miles away from Miami.For us,it was a 5 hr drive with 2 rest stops.

Where to Stay:Its definitely a right decision to stay in luxury hotels when you visit such good scenic destinations like Miami.We had planned to stay in an Ocean front Resort Eden Roc located near South Beach.The rooms were well maintained with a rejuvenating ambiance with glamorous swimming pools.When you take a look at the beach from top floors you can find an inspiring view of blue shades of water.My eyes still don’t believe the picturesque but,that’s true.


What to See:To know more about the city we should experience Sunset, Sunrise,Duck tours and Hop-on Hop-off tours.

Miami (3)
Duck Tour is a fun filled,enjoyable 90 minute interactive ride on an amphibious vehicle.Firstly,covers the top landmarks of the city and then takes to the sea to explore the beautiful Biscayne Bay.

DSC_0164 (2)

Miami (83)
Hop-On Hop-Off tour is the best way to know about the city.You can get off at any of the stops and spend some time into your desired location and head towards the next spot.The buses were regular.Sightseeing does not get easy really than this.Interesting places are wynwood walls,coconut grove,Biscayne Bay and little Havana.


People watching is very interesting in South Beach.

DSC_0587 (2)

South pier point is located at the tip of south beach and one of the prime spot for fishing.Its a walkway over the gleaming water which has an easy access to beach.It has a play area with water features.We can see speed boats riding around,cruises passing by.

Miami (108)

Miami is also famous for its outdoor water sports like Para-Sailing,snorkeling,kayaking,canoeing,fishing etc..

DSC_0586 (2)

Other attractions
Keywest – It is an island also the Southern most tip of Florida.It is 165 miles away from Miami.
Everglades National park – It is 75 miles away from Miami.One who really enjoys the wilderness can visit this place.It is a swampland which has endangered species of alligators.

Though,the above places were in our trip but we were not able to visit those Unfortunately.So,I don’t have information on this.
Hope,this blog might be useful for someone who visits Miami to some extent.

Will catch you soon in my upcoming blogs with more interesting information.



Thomas and his Friends Theme Birthday

Birthdays are always special!!!

Usually,kids in the upper end of toddler hood get attracted towards particular toys/characters.Likewise,our kid loves playing with train play sets and its his 3rd birthday.

To throw a perfect birthday bash, we planned for a theme based birthday party.So,we picked “Thomas and his friends” as the best source and its a way to express love,affection and care towards our kid.Making them feel like a king/queen is one of the best ever lasting gift we give them.


To make it more interesting and to drive every kids attention, we did some interesting DIYs such as

Thomas,Percy and James tanks


Ticket Counter




Rail crossing Pole


Customized Goodie Bags


Mini Train carriages


Train Food labels


Thomas and James wish Board


Planning a theme b’day is not at all as simple as it looks. The below checklist might guide you to host a successful birthday gathering for your dear ones.

  • Decide the venue and time
  • Write out the invitation
  • Draw up the guest list
  • Mail invitation
  • Get decoration Supplies for cake table, dinner tables,side walls and ceiling etc.,
  • Buy food(kids food separately if required)
  • Birthday cake
  • Call up those who have not yet responded a week before
  • Enlist helpers
  • Photography
  • Proper good bye with a favor bag

Fun Filled Thomas and friends tanks

We made 3 bright, sturdy engines with a single carriage using card boards and empty boxes.

Thomas(blue colored little engine),Percy(Green cheeky engine) and Max(yellow big engine).Every carriage is stuffed with train related goodies,party favors like whistles, stickers, temporary tattoos and stamps.Kids were excited to see these and especially sticked to the stamps.Grown up kids enjoyed well with the tattoos.

Materials Required:

  • Empty cylindrical salt tins – Engine
  • Empty boxes – Carriage
  • Thin Empty box – Surface
  • Color paper sheets
  • Pediasure caps – Wheels
  • Marker Cap – Whistle
  • Glue gun
  • Train Face printables


  • Wrap the thin empty box,salt tin and other empty box with desired colour paper sheets
  • Place the salt tin over the thin empty box. Using glue gun, stick it to look like a train engine tank.
  • Stick the other box to the read side of salt tin to give a complete picture of train engine
  • Stick bottle caps for wheels using glue gun
  • Cut thin colour sheets to make  windows,doors etc
  • Stick a marker cap on the engine tank for the whistle.
  • Stick a desired train face to the front side of salt tin

Photo Booth

Just to bring the concept of ticket counter, we placed some printed tickets over the table.We made our kid to stand beyond the counter for issuing tickets to other kids..

Materials Required

  • Square table
  • Identical boxes
  • Foam board
  • Paints
  • Scissors
  • Train face printables
  • Blacks sketch
  • Ruler
  • White papers
  • Double Tape
  • card Board


  • Cover the boxes using white paper. stick firmly using a double tape on the table to the mid sides
  • Now,cut the foam board to an arch shape with slits in between to give a counter feel and place one end of the arch above the single box and similarly to the other end.
  • Cut the card board into two thin strips accordingly to the length and breadth of table legs. Draw tracks on these strips and stick it to the front side of the table legs.
  • Place train face above the tracks.
  • Cut the foam board to make a railway clock and stick it to the side of arch
  • Stick “TICKET COUNTER” to a chart paper and paste it to the top of the arch.

Wish Board

Handwritten greetings are always memorable.Wish board is where invitees can write down their wishes/messages on the decorated board. It is so special because when they are written instantly  it would be  fun-filled.Some of our close friends who knows him very well, posted wishes picked words from the way he speaks.

Materials Required

  • Foam board
  • Train faces
  • Train engine prints
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Cotton


  • Paste the desired train engine images to the mid sides
  • Paste cotton balls to the top of engines to give smoke
  • Cut the Popsicle sticks for the tracks and stick it towards the front of the engines
  • Decorate with train faces wherever required
  • See to that enough space is available to write the wishes

Mini Trains

This is the cutest of all DIYs we made.These are the add-ons for the wall decorations.We stick these colorful mini trains randomly on the side walls in a curved line to look like toy trains riding over tracks.

Materials Required

  • Foam sheets
  • Black chart paper
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Cut the foam sheets to make an engine and a carriage
  • Cut the chart paper to small circles and stick this to the engine for the wheels.
  • Make similar trains and carriages with various colors
  • Connect these trains using thread

Catering and Train Menu Labels

To provide a sumptuous meal,its good to apt for a food catering.Presentation is very important when it comes to food. It would be so entertaining and fantastic when labeling food is done in some creative ways.We printed food labels and pasted it on the train images and displayed on the buffet table.


Cup cake,Gobi Manchurian,chicken starter,Veg Biryani,Chapati,Paneer Tikka Masala,White rice,sambar,papad,Chicken biryani,goat gravy,Gulab Jamun and Ice cream

Materials Required

  • Train images
  • Paper rolls
  • Glue
  • Menu printable


  • Get the food name printable ready and paste it on the train image.Place this on the buffet table.

Birthday cake

Cake is the most important part of any birthday party and ultra special. Everybody loves cake, so it’s imperative to order a huge cake based on the number of invitees.For the theme parties, the cake has to agree with the theme.So,we chose Thomas train cake flavored half chocolate and half vanilla.


Best shots preserve memories of the day.We enjoyed this part with each and every family with our kid followed by groupies,solo,ladies only and all other kinda.

Goodie Bags

No party ends without party favors.As the age varies,this is another challenging task for us.We segregated the gifts as per the age.Though its a theme party,we dint choose train related stuff.Finally,we gave one single gift as a remembrance.

This is the end of my blog.Hope,it might be helpful for the mamas who like to undergo a creative train theme party.Share your comments.

Happy blogging!!!:)